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Some Amazing "Moments"

My Pueblo Bonito Moment should be reviewing all of these amazing reviews and memories! We have been reading through each submission carefully and have fully enjoyed them all! Thanks for all those who have submitted their memories, here just a few of the moments that have been submitted recently:

"My Pueblo Bonito Moment [...was when] We felt as if life could not be more perfect....until after a late night dinner at the delightful Bistro restaurant. We younger folk opted to walk back among the beautiful gardens. About half way to our lovely rooms we noticed Nana was not with us. At first we worried she had fallen. We back tracked, no Nana. Then in the still night just above the sound of the surf we heard her laughter. She was being given a zippy ride in the golf cart like transport. When she caught up with us she was all smiles and gestured to her driver. Meet my special chauffeur." -Karen "My Pueblo Bonito Moment [... was when] I had a few too many DELISH mango margaritas at the pool and Chase suggested we go to the room and change for dinner making a pit stop at the beach to watch the sunset on the way... He took me down to the beach, told me he couldn't imagine not having me in his life and asked me to be his wife! It was perfect!" -Amanda "My Pueblo Bonito Moment [ when] My wife and I, our daughter and her friend, and two of our dearest friends that we've known forever - had an unplanned poolside party, shared laughs, drinks and a great meal right into the evening, and have the pictures to prove it! Our friends live 1,500 miles away, but that moment brought us all together, and it's one we'll never forget." -Nick "My Pueblo Bonito moment was walking into the main lobby at Sunset Beach with my husband. The first thing we both noticed was the St. Michael statue (guardian of the US military). This was a very memorable moment because my husband is an active member of the US military and it made us both feel very safe and welcomed." -Angela "My moment came when we came up that driveway and around the mountain....the view took my breath away. Nothing was built and we only got to see floor plans housed in a little hut, but my Mom bought a 2-bedroom Presidential Suite. Best move she ever made. I still get the lump in my throat each year as we return and come around the mountain." -Kim "My Pueblo Bonito Moment [...] The wedding day was more than we ever dreamed of. We were married on the beach. The setup was breathtaking. The sand was completely even with a rose petal isle and a beautiful fresh flower arch. Walking over the main pool and down to the beautiful beach was the most beautiful sight. I could not have asked for anything more." -Christine "MY PUEBLO BONITO MOMENT IS having a chance to win a a trip full of fun-filled memories" -Toni

We are all certainly understand that last moment! If you're like Toni and would like a chance to win a free stay at any of our hotels, simply leave you favorite, funny or unique memory starting with the "My Pueblo Bonito Moment is"on: For more rules and regulations, to go:

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