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What a Catch, Fishing in Cabo!

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for tourism, golf, nightlife, shopping and its iconic rock arch formation, "El Arco," but don't forget about the fishing. On the Baja peninsula where the warm Pacific water meets the Sea of Cortes is a spot where you can discover some of the best sport fishing in the world. If you're interested in doing some fishing in Cabo, then you're in luck! Near Pueblo Bonito's Los Cabos, Pacifica, Sunset Beach and Rose hotels are waters teeming with half-ton Marlin, fierce Swordfish, Groupers and over 600 more species in the area. Imagine a battle in the sapphire blue sea. The struggle between you and a 60 pound Marlin, your rod stock locked in, your back bent, 80-pound test held taught as the great fish tail walks, trying to throw the hook. It's easy to see why this location is becoming a Mecca for fishing enthusiasts, with individuals catching Marlin up to 13.5 ft and 200 pounds ( But, you need to be prepared for a battle when reeling a Marlin:

  • Marlin are the king of fighting fish. When they strike, let them take the bait for a 5 to 10 count, then set the hook firmly and hang on!
  • The fish will instantly break water and tail dance at the surface while trying to shake itself from the hook.
  • If it heads for the deep, be prepared for a long, tedious battle. The fish must be "dead tired" before boating, so stay alert because it can suddenly "come to life" and cause a ruckus if you're not ready.

That strenuous battle with a king fighter is what fishers live for. Now that I've got you hooked and you're rearing and ready to reel, here are seven quick tips I have collected from area fishing vessel sites to make the most of your trip:

  1. Lures, tackle and rods are usually included with the price of the trip, but feel free to bring your own equipment.
  2. Bring a hard, medium-sized ice chest, not a gigantic, heavy one. Don't plan on buying an ice chest locally, they are very expensive.
  3. Be sure to ask the Pueblo Bonito Hotel desk for recommended guides and boats. One of the most recommended operators is the Pisces Sport Fishing Company; its boat took first prize in 1996 and 1997 at the Cabo San Lucas Gold Cup Fishing Tournament.
  4. Bring your motion sickness medication; you'd hate to be brought back early.
  5. Tips are customary and appreciated, but over-tipping should be avoided. Bring small bills and plan on tipping your crew a total of about 10 to 15 percent of the true cost of your boat.
  6. At Pueblo Bonito, the hotel will fillet or cook your catch of the day. So save your catch and enjoy the fresh meal.
  7. You can see how many fish the boat has caught that day by the flags. If there are 10 yellow flags then the boat caught 10 Dorado. Generally the vessels are honest but if you want to see exactly what's being caught, and how big, go to the dock at 3 a.m., walk over to the fillet table and take a look.

Fishing in Cabo is just one of the many activities to pursue in the area, but is definitely one you should try. The water is full of life so you are sure to catch your meal or a few photos if you decide to release it. Pueblo Bonito is willing to help you in whatever way possible.

For more information on fishing in Cabo and luxury hotels in Mexico, visit:

Thank You