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Benefits of Booking With Pueblo Bonito Mexico All Inclusive Resorts
Benefits of Booking With Pueblo Bonito Resorts Mexico
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Mexico's Eco Friendly Hotels & Resort

Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas promote sustainable tourism throughout Mexico. Our resorts in Cabos San Lucas and Mazatlán take steps that reduce the environmental impact of our hotel practices, and encourage respect for the natural surroundings in Mexico and beyond. From protecting marine turtles in Los Cabos to our innovative recycling program, Pueblo Bonito preserves the natural identity of Mexico's beautiful destinations. Through eco-friendly hotels and resorts in Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlán, we go green with sustainability practices that keep balance between man and nature and that preserve the beauty of Mexico and Mother Earth. For information about our eco-friendly hotels and green initiatives in Mexico, visit http://lettycoppelfoundation.com.

Recycling - To enhance our care and sustainability of our natural environmental, Pueblo Bonito uses a solid waste program in six waterfront hotels and spas that recycles food, paper, plastic, glass, metals and hazardous chemicals. Organic waste is used to make compost fertilizer for our gardens. We are proud to say we send the least amount of trash to local dumps!

Global Warming - Throughout our eco-friendly resorts in Mexico, we combat global warming and bring awareness to our staff. We have implemented energy saving programs, solid waste management and recycling, a compost center, and guest/staff transportation to reduce our carbon footprint. By following Green Globe standards, we instill environmental awareness to our staff and guests, and reduce the effect of global warming.

Clean Up Campaigns - To help communities of Mexico find balance between tourism and waste, Pueblo Bonito Resorts has clean up campaigns in Mazatlán, Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Clean up campaigns are carried out by our hotels in these beautiful destinations - in streets, beaches, parks, green areas, schools, and hotels. We create consciousness among the people of the community to care for the environment they live.

Fauna Protection - Protecting our natural environment and wildlife is a big part of our hotel green efforts in Mexico. We have joined forces with programs such as the Marine Turtle Protection Program to protect the marine turtles, whales, pichichi ducks, brown pelicans, white tail doves and black iguanas in Los Cabos, Mazatlán and the Sea of Cortez.

Flora Protection - Part of our environmental responsibility to Mexico is to rescue local plants. In Los Cabos, we protect endangered fishhook red barrel cactus, and rescue Elephant Tree and Wild Plum "Ciruelo." Our hotels have small nurseries where plants are transplanted and reproduced. In Mazatlán, rescued plants are reforested in green areas, and our compost center produces organic fertilizer. Our botanical garden, Cactimindo, in San Jose del Cabo, conserves vital cacti of Mexico and the world's deserts ecosystems.

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