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And the winner is...

Our My Pueblo Bonito Moment winner selected by our fans is: The Donkey by Pamela Miller MY PUEBLO BONITO MOMENT IS when we were on the beach under a beautiful tent and we were getting ready for our Tour guide to go thru our options for touring another resort and picking up some incredible deals when a young man dressed in his Fiesta white ensemble giving out invitations for the "Mexican Fiesta" dinner pulling a Donkey behind him came over to give us an invitation and his Donkey decided to just lay down on the sand. Right there directly behind my chair... he would not move. The young man kept talking to him in Spanish and the Donkey just laid there. We all laughed but our Tour guide was a little concerned and told him to "go get him some water".. so the young man did but he donkey would NOT get up. He wouldn't even open his eyes. We all thought he was dead... he was not. At that point I got up... walked over to the Donkey with my cold Corona in my hands and said "maybe he wants a beer?" so I put the bottle down by his mouth and the Donkey jumped up, took the bottle out of my hand, tipped his head back and emptied my beer and put the bottle down in front of me as if to say "Gracias Lady!!!" and they walked away... my husband said the moment was priceless and the look on my face will never leave his head. Wish we could have captured it on camera.

Thank You