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5 Must-Do Activities in Mazatlan

Jun 07, 2022

Pueblo Bonito’s Resorts & Spas in Mazatlán can be your home away from home on the sun-splashed Pacific Coast. Conveniently tucked into the northern end of the romantic resort town, Mazatlán, we’ve got the upper hand on what makes this sandy bit of coastline so special. This month, we’ll feature our Top 5 Must-Do activities we insist you try.

Discover the Historic District - Our Emerald Bay resort’s own neoclassical styled buildings pay humble tribute to the look and feel of Mazatlán’s Centro Histórico, or historic center, but it’s nothing like the real thing. While you’re staying with us, you really must take a stroll through the cobbled streets and beautiful turn-of-the-century buildings to feel the pulse of la corazón de la ciudad, or the heart of the city. When you’re there you’ll notice exquisitely refurbished buildings that, once abandoned, have now become private homes, public art galleries, restaurants, shops, mezcalerías, boutique hotels, cafes, and museums. Peer at the attractive window displays through the tree-lined, sun dappled streets. Pause for a refreshing gelato or agua fresca in charming Plaza Machado, anchored by the iconic Angela Peralta Theater. Note its schedule of music, dance, and theatrical performances for the month, and plan to return for a show. Time your visit right, and visit Pino Suárez Mercado, a typical Mexican market selling everything from souvenir T-shirts to fresh-caught shrimp. Across the street is the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Constructed in 1856, its architecture and stained glass are worth a visit of their own. Don’t feel like walking? Consider a city tour in a pulmonilla, or Mazatlán’s beloved golf-cart taxis. Whatever you choose, a day in historic Mazatlán guarantees countless photo opportunities for you and your partner or the whole family. Capture history in the making!

Eat Shrimp - We mentioned you can find shrimp at Pino Suárez Mercado, but we should explain why that’s important; Mazatlán is the “shrimp capital of the world.” Distributing more than 40,000 tons of shrimp across the globe every year, the tasty orange crustacean is Mazatlán’s most famous export. And you’ll see evidence of it almost everywhere you go. Vendors known informally as the Mazatlan Shrimp Ladies sit in front of barrels of fresh shrimp that range in size from an inch or two to half a foot in length, all available for just a few pesos. The raw shrimp comes straight off the boat and locals will take it home to cook. But as our guests at Pueblo Bonito, you won’t have to work so hard. Come back to dine with us, and taste our chefs’ take on the local favorite in any one of our restaurants in Mazatlán. We promise not to disappoint!

Visit El Faro - Located at the southern tip of the city, El Faro rises higher than any other lighthouse in the Americas. Set 523 feet above sea level atop Cerro del Creston, the lighthouse dates back to 1879 and is accessible by a strenuous hiking trail that includes more than 300 paved stairs. But trust us when we say it’s worth the effort! El Faro’s hilltop affords some of the best views of Mazatlán and the Pacific Ocean. For those out at sea, the beacon can be seen for 30 nautical miles. Craving more of a thrill? Add to the experience with a walk out along the glass-bottomed lookout that extends beyond the peak of the hill; the only thing separating you from the sea below is glass! 

Go Fish! - Teeming with blue and white marlin and sailfish, the waters off of Mazatlán are fondly regarded as the “billfish capital of the world.” Sportfishing in the Sea of Cortez is excellent all year long with summers attracting marlin and mako sharks. Book a fishing tour to experience the thrill of big game fishing while you’re here and bring your fresh catch back to the hotel for our expert chefs to prepare! 

Explore El Quelite - When the hustle and bustle of downtown Mazatlán become too much, or the bright sun on our Pacific Coast beaches become too bright, consider a relaxing daytrip to El Quelite, just 23 miles outside of Mazatlán. A rural, countryside town, El Quelite’s cobbled streets echo of horses’ hooves, not automobiles. Cacti grow atop colorful terracotta rooftops and bright blues, golds, and pinks adorn charming neighborhood homes and storefronts. The best way to explore El Quelite is on foot; see the 19th-century Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe and visit the shaded plaza surrounding it. Flowering trees will line your path. Behind the church, a pavilion covers kids at play and adults in conversation. Along the main street, browse the colorful shops and galleries selling clothing, art, shoes, local candies, and pastries. 

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