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Armonia Spa: Ancestral Ritual from the Baja Region

Jul 20, 2023

We’ve shared many posts about Armonia Spa, the ultimate destination to renew your body, mind, and spirit when visiting Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts. It’s the place to indulge in spa treatments ranging from holistic massage therapies and body treatments to aromatherapy and beauty services. Our various facilities offer steam rooms, Swiss and mist showers, vascular and reflexology hydrotherapy paths, bi-thermal showers, cold water plunges, hot tubs, and more. But these things you knowwhat you may not know is that our Pacifica spa now features a spa ritual offering that is a practice with a centuries-old legacy.

Temazcal, which translates to “house of heat,” is a Mexican cleansing ceremony attributed to the Aztecs who practiced the healing ritual as a way to release toxins through sweating. During the ritual, people are said to have sat in or walked around a steam bath set inside a stone-walled hut. Drawing upon strong cosmological beliefs, a shaman or guide might have sung, chanted, or played drums to encourage participants to release the emotions disrupting their health. Heat and the aromatic steam were believed to have accelerated detoxification. 

This ritual has inspired countless spa practices that persist today all over Mexico, including at our very own Pacifica’s Armonia Spa. Let yourself experience the benefits of an ancestral ritual by indulging in a relaxing and detoxing treatment that simulates a sweat lodge experience using the heat of a body wrap and the healing effects of traditional herbs from our region. Let the renewing properties of jojoba, sage, and rosemary oil revive your skin and essence by removing toxins and purifying the body. All this for just $262 USD. Schedule your Temazcal-inspired wrap today and experience a detoxification practice that’s survived the ages.