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Here Comes…The Health-Conscious Bride

April 17, 2024

Call it a trend:many brides-to-be are now opting for spa makeovers and wellness retreats for bachelorette parties as opposed to boozy, late-night revelry. Health and wellness, along with hiking, meditation, spa treatments and lounging around the pool with friends, are now in vogue. According to a recent report in the New York Times, soon-to-be-brides are seeking “low-stress, meaningful experiences with their dearest friends.” For many women, mindfulness is poised to replace heedless indulgence. Many have come to the realization that scheduled relaxation is the perfect antidote to wedding planning stress. That’s why Pueblo Bonito Resorts are the ideal “home bases” for brides-to-be and groups of friends.

“Wellness travel is now one of the biggest travel trends of 2024, and more and more brides-to-be are choosing locations that they say might help them better prepare both mind and body for their wedding day,” the Times reported.

The bachelorette wellness retreat, which may track a broader shift in how milestones are celebrated, dovetails perfectly with the recent unveiling of the ARMONÍA Wellness Collection, a series of innovative experiences available at Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts. A handful of these properties are situated within Quivira Los Cabos, a 1,850-acre resort and residential development that has emerged as a natural paragon of wellness.   

Occupying a dazzling desert-meets-sea setting at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Quivira Los Cabos occupies a sheltered valley walled in by mountain ridges. The spectacular Land’s End setting, coupled with feel-good programs and healthy dining options, is a virtual sanctuary where brides-to-be and their friends can renew themselves with stress-busting spa treatments and exciting outdoor activities.

Among the top choices for a tranquil getaway is the adults-only Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, a deluxe oceanfront hotel that provides the ideal environment for rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

ARMONÍA (which translates to harmony) is more than a spa. It is a philosophy that seeks to guide guests towards true balance, fostering connection with oneself, others and the environment. For many brides-to-be and their closest friends, wellness is a lifestyle built around the principles of healthy living. 

To that end, a series of wellness immersion packages has been introduced under the new ARMONIA Wellness Collection banner.

For example, the “Total Wellness” category offers treatments designed to revitalize body and spirit. Therapeutic body rituals and treatments are specially formulated to nourish and revitalize the skin, leaving it glowing and healthy. Trained practitioners utilize the spa’s exclusive line of organic products to promote self-renewal and inner calm.

The ARMONIA Wellness Collection’s “Experiences” category offers five unique encounters ideally suited for an intimate bachelorette group: 

  • Yoga Ashtanga, Kundalini, Vinyasa -These sessions promote balance and serenity, aligning with the pillar of movement.
  • Body Balance, Spinning, Beach Boot Camp - Dynamic activities designed to strengthen body and spirit, reflecting the opportunity pillar. 
  • Salsa Aerobics, Hip Hop, Step - Fusing fun and fitness, these sessions encourage movement and integration.
  • Sound Healing, Ancient Healing Experiences - Deep connection with ancestral traditions, highlighting the pillars of nature and authenticity.
  • Hiking and Cultural Exploration - Participants are invited to explore natural and cultural beauty, fostering integration and opportunity.

The extensive network of trails at Quivira Los Cabos encourage healthy outings. Whether strolling, jogging or mountain biking, the trails enable guests at all physical ability levels to flow with the Baja’s natural scents and sounds—and connect with Nature. The long stretch of pristine beach fronting the resort is also a great place for an energizing stroll.

The ideal place to refuel from a hike or a swim is Perfect Balance, a wellness bar at The Market at Quivira, a gastronomic food hall adjoining nearby Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Perfect Balance offers a menu of healthy items made with high-quality, organic ingredients. Here you can take your pick of cold-pressed juices, wellness elixirs, smoothies, salads and snacks.

For dinner, Pacifica’s top restaurant, Peninsula, features regional Baja cuisine in a sophisticated setting with expansive views of the beach, sky and sea. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients are the cornerstone of the eclectic menu.

All of these feel-good components are perfect for soon-to-be-brides who are increasingly recognizing the need to prioritize their physical, mental and emotional well-being leading up to their wedding.

Start planning your dream bachelorette trip today!