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Margarita Mile Package

This spring, make a plan to walk the “Margarita Mile” among five Pueblo Bonito properties and taste five versions of the famous, salt-rimmed cocktail that’s quenched the thirst of travelers to Los Cabos and visitors to Mexico for decades.

This spring, make a plan to walk the “Margarita Mile” among five Pueblo Bonito properties and taste five versions of the famous, salt-rimmed cocktail that’s quenched the thirst of travelers to Los Cabos and visitors to Mexico for decades.

National Margarita Day has already come and gone this year, having decorated February 22nd with its lime-green tequila spiked shake-up. It will also be at least a month before we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But who says it needs to be a holiday to order a margarita? It’s one of the most famous and in-demand cocktails anywhere in the world, and it’s served with great reverence at Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts. This spring, each property in the group has concocted its own spin of the margarita, giving guests the opportunity to sample cutting-edge versions of the legendary drink at five different locales. It’s up to you to find out which one you like best. We’re calling it the “Margarita Mile Package,” affording guests the opportunity to try eclectic, one-of-a-kind margaritas with the added bonus of getting to spend time with the resorts’ tequila sommelier while savoring the specialty cocktail.

The margarita is a simple drink with only three ingredients, although there are many delicious variations. A traditional margarita includes tequila, orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice. Salt on the rim of the glass—ideally a stepped-diameter variant of a champagne coupe—is optional. All of the ingredients are served shaken with ice or blended with ice. With deep roots in Prohibition era Tijuana, no drink is more closely tied to Mexico than the margarita, and no culinary staff in Los Cabos is more adept at creating enticing variations of this storied cocktail to suit every palate. While the margarita is lauded as the perfect liquid combination of sweet, salty, sour, and bitter, the “Margarita Mile Package” affords bartenders at Pueblo Bonito Resorts the liberty to create their own eclectic variations.

Here’s what you can expect to find on the Margarita Mile menu:

  • Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos - Cadillac Margarita at Cilantro's Restaurant
  • Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach - Super Margarita Golden at LaFrida Restaurant
  • Pueblo Bonito Pacifica - Serrano Margarita at Peninsula Bar
  • Quivira Clubhouse - Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita at Quivira Steakhouse
  • Montecristo Estates - Piña del Barrio Margarita at Cibola Restaurant

Feeling guilty about indulging in all five? Take heart in tequila’s healthy properties. As the bartenders at each resort hotel will attest, tequila helps lower blood sugar, aids in weight loss, helps fight cholesterol, dilates the blood vessels (resulting in better blood flow), cleanses the colon, and relaxes your body for better quality sleep. Consumed in moderation, top shelf, 100% blue agave tequila (the only kind served at Pueblo Bonito Resorts) is unlikely to give you a hangover.

But there’s more to be gained from the package than simply surprising your tastebuds. Learn why the margarita makes your taste buds zing by signing up for a tequila tasting session with one of the resort’s master tequila sommeliers, known as a catadores. A cata, or tasting, is the best way to learn about the distinct flavor profiles of tequila, which can range from citrus and mint to vanilla and butterscotch and often vary greatly from one distillery to the next. Here’s your chance to learn how to rate each tequila according to a variety of qualities, including color, body, nose, flavor, and finish. In addition, you’ll learn in a cata that tequila can only truly be called "tequila" when it comes from one of the five designated states in Mexico that have the government designation to make and produce it. The most well-known tequila state is Jalisco, tequila’s birthplace.

The icing on the cake, or salt on the rim, perhaps, for guests at The Towers at Pacifica, the “Margarita Mile Package” features a relaxing massage on a beach bed, complete with a lime salt scrub and heated towels; and a special pre-dinner appetizer-and-tequila pairing.

For more information about the Margarita Mile Package and to reserve your stay at one of our Pueblo Bonito Resorts, contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff and bartenders are excited to unveil this new experience unique to Pueblo Bonito and look forward to welcoming guests back for the occasion years to come.

Book your stay and enjoy margaritas at Pueblo Bonito properties!