The Market at quivira

The Great Food
Halls of Europe

From 7am to 10pm

The Market at Quivira is a shopping and dining experience that is simply unrivaled in Cabo San Lucas. Inspired by the great food halls of Europe, our new urban marketplace is a food-lover’s dream offering on-the-go favorites and full-service dining from early morning to late night.

Best of all, guests of Pueblo Bonito’s Cabo resorts enjoy nearly all of it as part of their all-inclusive stay. So whether you’re craving sushi, spaghetti or a garden-fresh salad, you’ll find it (and lots of other deliciousness) right here, served by chefs with a passion for perfection.

El Bar


It’s 5:00 pm somewhere! El Bar at The Market at Quivira is a favorite gathering spot for hand-crafted cocktails, wines by the glass and a great selection of premium beer.

<span>El Chocolate*</span>

El Chocolate*


Chocolate is the universal language of love and nowhere is it celebrated with so much style. From organic milk chocolate bars to freshly prepared desserts, the love starts here.

<span>El Deli</span>

El Deli


From our signature sandwiches to a made-to-order creation of your own, El Deli offers on-the-go goodness from early morning ‘til well past dinner.

<span>Los Helados</span>

Los Helados


Nothing is as satisfying as a big bowl of ice cream - the bigger the better - and we’ve got all the toppings to make it uniquely yours.

1950s Diner


Step back to a bygone era at our retro, 50s-style diner where burgers, hot dogs, fries and other all-American favorites are served at an old-school counter, tables and cozy booths.

<span>El Café</span>

El Café


From cappuccino to café con leche to espresso, we source the world’s best coffee beans to keep you fueled from early morning to late night.

<span>El Asiático</span>

El Asiático


Savor the flavors of the Far East at El Asiatico. From stir-fry to sichuan shrimp, our dinner menus feature aromatic favorites, expertly prepared by highly skilled chefs.

<span>Las Crepas</span>

Las Crepas


Feel magically transported to the streets of Paris at Las Crepas, our delicious ode to France’s favorite food. Enjoy them stuffed with all sorts of sweet and savory fillings. Bon appetit!

<span>El Italiano</span>

El Italiano


Whether you’ve got your heart set on a traditional Neapolitan pizza, a bowl of Bolognese or a handful of cannolis, El Italiano serves up the soul-satisfying Italian fare you crave.

<span>Perfect </span>Balance

Perfect Balance


Enhance your health as you indulge in a wide variety of nutritious and delicious recipes, including shakes, wellness shots, juices, salads, and vibrant main course options.

El Mexicano


There’s more to Mexican cuisine than tacos and tortas. Savor a range of regional flavors at El Mexicano, where dinner menus showcase ingredients from local farmers and fishermen.