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Earth Day: A Call to Action

Apr 03, 2024

Founded in April 1970 to galvanize support for environmental protection, Earth Day has inspired millions to bring the battle for the preservation of the planet to the international stage. Earth Day is a call to action, a reminder that the more we do to mitigate climate change risks, the better off humanity will be.

According to The Nature Conservancy, “the average temperature of Earth is rising. As the planet heats up (global warming), we see broad impacts on Earth’s climate, such as shifting seasons, rising sea levels and melting ice.

“Left unchecked, these impacts will spread and worsen, affecting our homes and cities, economies, food and water supplies as well as the species, ecosystems and biodiversity of this planet we all call home.”

Earth Day’s official theme for 2024 is, “Planet vs. Plastics.” The theme is timely. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which lies between California and Hawaii, is twice the size of Texas (or three times the size of France). It is the world's largest repository of ocean waste. 

The debris in this trash vortex accumulates because much of it is not biodegradable. Many plastics do not wear down; they simply break into tinier and tinier pieces. The 1.8 billion pieces of plastic flotsam in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, including synthetic fishing nets, kills thousands of marine animals each year. Sadly, the Atlantic and Indian Oceans both have floating heaps of plastic trash, though not as big as the one in the Pacific. 

Pueblo Bonito Resorts was an early proponent of eco-friendly investments and best-use practices designed to minimize damage to the Baja’s fragile environment. 

The company has banned the use of plastic straws at its resorts. Pueblo Bonito’s “Save the Seas—Skip the Straw” campaign helps to reduce plastic pollution in oceans to prevent marine life from becoming entangled in or consuming plastic trash. 

The company also participates in beach and river clean-ups in coordination with the Los Cabos Hotel Association and other entities to reduce waste, improve habitats and prevent harm to wildlife.

Taking care of the planet has been the goal since Day One. Early on, Ernesto Coppel, Pueblo Bonito’s founder, embraced environmental responsibility long before it became a commercial buzz phrase.  

“Sustainability is a core value at Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos,” Coppel stated. “We believe it is critical to nurture the local environment, reinvest in the community, and reduce the impacts of development.”

Earth Day-aligned ecological efforts, notably a turtle protection and release program, have been a mainstay for Pueblo Bonito Resorts for more than 20 years. From mid-July through mid-December, guests and residents of Quivira Los Cabos can engage in active conservation by releasing turtle hatchlings from their protected nests into the sea, greatly increasing their chances of survival.

The hospitality firm is especially proud of the fact that Quivira Golf Club is surfaced from tee to green in fine-bladed Platinum Paspalum, a salt-tolerant, disease-resistant grass varietal that uses a fraction of the chemicals and pesticides required by other grasses. The entire course is irrigated with recycled water generated by the resorts’ treatment plants, a big plus in the Baja desert where potable water is precious. Platinum Paspalum not only thrives in warm, sunny climates, it processes salts in a way that is unique among turfgrasses. Vacationing golfers want to play a beautiful, well-groomed course with smooth, velvety greens. Quivira Golf Club, known for its emerald-green playing surfaces, delivers flawless conditions with an environmental seal of approval. 

Finally, Pueblo Bonito Resorts has raised its recycling efforts to a fine art. Resort guests drain and recycle bottles by the ton. The nearby San Miguel Blown Glass Factory collects up to two tons of empties from the hotels each month. The glass is cleaned, melted and transformed it into colorful hearts that have become iconic symbols of love in Los Cabos and throughout Mexico.

In a perfect circle of sustainability, Pueblo Bonito not only supplies the raw material for the glass pieces, but the company also buys back the creations by the hundreds to display around its hotels and communities. These items are also for sale in the resorts’ gift shops. This unique recycling initiative sends a message to eco-conscious travelers who prize sustainability efforts--and who want to see local communities benefit from their visits.

At Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos, Earth Day is not a once-a-year event. It’s a daily, ongoing commitment to a healthier planet.