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Take a Day Trip to Balandra Beach

Jul 19, 2022

With the many opportunities for adventure, leisure, and luxury at Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts, you’ll never have to travel far during your stay with us to enjoy an unforgettable day in paradise. But if you do find yourself in the mood for an adventure a bit farther afield, we’d love to share with you a gorgeous beach that makes for an ideal day trip up the Baja Peninsula.

For some, Balandra Beach is an easy choice for the most beautiful beach in Mexico. Its crystal-clear turquoise water and white sand dunes are set against a desert-like backdrop of blushing rock formations, low-lying sandy hills, and prickly cardón cactus. Given how remote the beach may feel (and private, depending on the hour), it might be hard to believe you’re only half an hour from the city of La Paz—just to the south—and two hours drive from Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos.

Balandra Beach and the surrounding area boasts 55 acres of enchanting mangrove forests, a swoon-worthy lagoon of approximately 75 acres, majestic dunes, seemingly endless sandy beaches, small mountains, and capricious rock formations. The mangrove forest in Balandra is one of the few in arid habitats of the world that has not been contaminated. The calm, shallow waters of the lagoon are perfect for swimming, paddleboarding, or kayaking, a perfect way to view brightly colored fish darting by, as well as blue triggerfish, blue crabs, and herons looking for their next meal. During low tide, a sand bar forms in the middle of the bay where you can watch the pelicans dive for a meal of sardines.

How can you get to Balandra Beach? Your best option, that affords you the greatest autonomy, is to rent a car right at our concierge desk where you’ll be provided with all the details necessary to make your trip a success. Want a preview? Read our top four tips before you even hit the road:

  • Arrive Early to Miss the Crowds It’s incredible to see Balandra Beach when the white sand beaches are still empty. Experience the privilege of seeing a beach so loved yet still protected from much of the commercialism that encroaches upon so many others in Mexico. Besides the dirt parking lot and a few palapas, or simple wooden shelters, on the main beach, Balandra Beach appears untouched. Get there before 9 am to enjoy the beach and the views before the crowds. There are a few free palapas for shade on the beach, so you may be able to secure one for yourself. Allow 2.5 hours for the drive.
  • Get Up to Look Down If you park in the small dirt lot in front of the main beach, there’s a small hill to climb from which you can get a panoramic view over the entirety of the bay. Just follow the rocky trail to see Balandra Beach from above! Look out to the edge of the bay, and you’ll see El Hongo, a mushroom-shaped rock that’s a popular photo spot for tourists in La Paz. (More on La Paz, next!)

  • Pack a Lunch There are no restaurants at Balandra Beach because of its Natural Protected Area designation, so make sure to bring enough water and food for the day. There can sometimes be a small food truck parked in the lot, but not always.
  • Shuffle to Avoid Stingrays Stingrays love the warm shallow waters of Balandra Beach, and they often rest on the below the surface partially covered by sand. So, if you’re walking through the water, make sure to shuffle your feet to disrupt any stingray before stepping on one. Our suggestion? Hop on a board and paddle instead! 

If you’d rather not drive, another great option may be to book a tour of Balandra Bay. Many such tours will leave from offices near the marina in La Paz and almost always include equipment, gear, a small meal, and national park permit fees.

If you do drive, however, on the way back, leave enough time to stop in the quaint and historic city of La Paz. Make your way to the famous malecón, a seaside promenade lined with bars, restaurants, shops, and installations by internationally renowned artists. After a bite to eat along the strip, move on to the magnificent Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral, a wonder of 19th-century architecture that stands at the center of the city. To complete your visit, the crystalline waters of Coromuel Beach provide the perfect setting for an afternoon swim and sunbathing session. On your way back to your Pueblo Bonito Cabo resort, we recommend stopping at the nearby town of Todos Santos for dinner, home of the Hotel California immortalized in the song by rock legend, Don Henley. End your adventure in the comfort of your Pueblo Bonito resort with a delicious margarita at one of our oceanfront bars. Trust us—it’s the perfect cherry atop the perfect day!

Book your stay today and make plans to explore the Baja Peninsula.