Spa Information

If you have questions, we have answers. To optimize your spa experience, please review our spa information for helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Time Share certificates are not valid with any other promotions.
  • Sixteen is the minimum age for use of our spa. Minors age sixteen or older may have spa treatments if accompanied by a parent or have a signed waiver.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your spa treatment schedule to allow sufficient time to prepare for your service. Please be aware that a late arrival will determine the length of your spa treatment. Your spa service will end as scheduled, so that the next guest may begin on time.
  • We request that you shower before any body treatment or massage.
  • For cancellations or rescheduling, please notify the Spa twenty-four hours in advance. Otherwise, a 50% charge will apply. Spa appointments booked the same day of service require a two-hour advance notification or a 50% fee will apply. A credit card is required to hold all spa appointments if you are not staying in any of the Pueblo Bonito Resorts.
  • We provide a locker with a robe for all Spa treatments. On leaving the Spa, please place these items in your locker and return the key to the Spa receptionist.
  • We regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal items.


  • For body treatments we provide a disposable bikini, or you may bring your own two-piece bathing suit.
  • For your comfort, please do not eat immediately before a spa treatment. We recommend that you schedule meals at least one hour prior to your appointment.
  • Good communication assures the best results. If you have allergies, injuries or require special attention on a specific part of your body, please notify both the receptionist and your spa therapist.
  • Be sure to let your spa therapist know if you experience any discomfort or anxiety during your treatment. Your total satisfaction is our ultimate goal.
  • Deep breathing promotes relaxation and will enhance the therapeutic qualities and pleasure of your massage.
  • If certain areas of your body are tense or tender, please inform your masseuse so she can help relax and ease problem areas.
  • If anything should occur during your spa treatment that you do not feel comfortable with, simply ask the therapist to stop. If necessary, you may end the session at any time.
  • Allow yourself to ease out of your spa treatment by not standing up too quickly. Some clients experience slight dizziness after a treatment.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water for two or more hours after your spa treatment in order to aid the therapeutic process.
  • Please be aware that recovery from tension or muscle injury may require more than one session.
  • A 12% service charge will be added to the cost of your spa treatment. Please feel free to make any additions to this amount based on your own personal experience. 


  • How early should I arrive for my treatment?

    You should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. Please be aware that a late arrival will determine the length of your treatment. Your service will end as scheduled, so that the next guest may begin on time.

  • What if I am pregnant?

    You may want to avoid treatments using deep pressure such as Hot Stone Massage, the Water Therapies or Wraps. Please inform our Spa reservations agent when you schedule your appointments so that we may provide specially trained therapists. You may want to try the Pregnancy Massage.

  • Do I have to undress entirely for my spa treatment?

    Most people do, however it is your choice. Our therapists are professionally trained to drape you with sheets and towels in an appropriate fashion for your privacy.

  • Can I ask my therapist to make adjustments for my comfort?

    We encourage you to do so; this is your treatment. Feel free to communicate with your therapist regarding pressure or technique preferences. We value your feedback. At the time of your booking, you may also discuss with the reservations agent about gentle, moderate or deep tissue preferences.