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Pueblo Bonito´s CARE Pledge: Complete Action Plan

May 06, 2020

Standards of Cleanliness:

  • A comprehensive, general sanitization by a certified third party will be performed prior to reopening, as well as afterward on a periodic basis, according to the recommendations of health authorities.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols that use certified sanitization products and which focus on high-touch areas have been implemented.
  • Implementation of a permanent sanitization team, to sanitize general areas

Upon Arrival:

  • Bellboys will welcome guests wearing mask and gloves
  • Valet parking suspended, and doors will not be opened by Valet staff. Guests will receive indications to self-park.
  • To maintain minimal contact, bellboys will not automatically offer their hand when assisting guests to get out of the airport vans. They will suggest that guests use caution or ask if they are ok with receiving assistance.
  • Suitcase sanitization (external) in a steam cabin or with sanitizing product or special device
  • Guest sanitization cabin, and infrared digital thermometers for temperature check. Guests with temperatures over 37.4° C/99.32° F checked by the doctor and may not be allowed access.
  • Mobile pre-check-in available
  • A document with COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing recommendations will be provided to all guests (given to guest on arrival or as a tent card in room).
  • Masks available on request
  • Social distance markers at 1.80 meters/6ft for check-in at front desk, concierge, spa desk and hostess areas. Guests will wait in an open area and will be called by a concierge or traffic manager in order to avoid saturation in lobby areas (procedure established).
  • Maximum capacity for each lobby established
  • Screens to separate check-in areas.
  • Continuous cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces at front desk and concierge. Cleaning of pens, terminals and room keys in presence of the guest.


  • General sanitization and nebulization of rooms through a certified provider, once every six months
  • Daily room cleaning and housekeeping with certified sanitization products (or water and chlorine solution) and a strong focus on high-touch areas, including kitchenettes, furniture, remote controls, phones, electric outlet, light switches and door handles
  • Sheet and towel washing at high temperatures (min. 60° C/140° F); transportation of linens in previously sanitized vans and crates
  • All housekeeping staff to use masks and gloves
  • Guests may opt out of housekeeping if they prefer to minimize number of people who enter the room
  • Hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray as part of in-room amenities; masks and gloves available on request
  • Paper amenities, pens, and magazines will be removed from rooms (available on request).
  • Housekeeping carts cleaned and sanitized daily
  • Simple towel folding (no decorative figures) to avoid longer contact than necessary

Social Distancing, Personal Hygiene & Health:

  • Maximum of 2 persons in elevators, excepting family members
  • Information panels set in strategic locations, indicating preventive measures for health and hygiene (e.g. reminders to avoid touching the faces, wash hands thoroughly, use antibacterial gel, etc.)
  • Information cards listing all measures being taken
  • Informational video shown on the room and elevator TVs detailing the hygiene and sanitization measures implemented throughout the hotel, as well as suggested measures the guests should take for their own care.
  • Health and safety guidelines for guests will posted in all areas, in English and Spanish

Quivira Golf Club:

  • Daily and continuous sanitization of golf carts
  • Sanitization of golf bags upon check-in at resort. Golf bags will be delivered at room door.
  • Sanitization of golf carts and bags before and after use.
  • Maximum capacities established for reception and practice areas, intervals between tee times increased to 15 minutes
  • One golf cart per person, unless otherwise requested by family members or friends
  • New rules established to limit touch points during play (example: flagsticks to remain in the hole, bunker rakes to be removed, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizing gel in the Proshop; a member of the sanitation team will provide hand sanitizing gel to protect guests when handling merchandise in the store.

Public Areas:

  • General sanitization of hard areas and surfaces, with certified sanitization products or with water and chlorine solution
  • Daily cleaning and sanitizing of loungers with authorized disinfectant products or with water and chlorine solution; also done after each guest use
  • All public areas and high touch points sanitized constantly (lobbies, desks, podiums, elevators, door handles to enter rooms, room keys, public benches and chairs, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in strategic locations throughout the resorts such as the front desk, restaurant entrances, swimming pools, outside elevators, lobbies, spas, and public bathrooms)
  • Minimum handling of pool towels, and card procedure suspended for 3 months.
  • Sanitization of door handles in public areas, and installation of electric gates at some guest accesses.

Food & Beverage:

  • Furniture will be rearranged in restaurants and bars (2 meters/6.5 ft) and maximum capacities will be established, per social distancing guidelines
  • Social distancing reminders on all tables
  • Use of masks and gloves by cooks serving at buffets. Guests will not need to use serving utensils
  • Use of masks by wait staff
  • Contactless room service available
  • Menus will be available on mobile devices and physical menus will be removed
  • To reduce contact, signature on checks will not be requested for all-inclusive guests until further notice. For EP guests, signature will be required, but antibacterial gel will be on hand and pen and check holder will be cleaned in the presence of the client.
  • Continuous kitchen sanitization
  • Minimal handling of napkins and tablecloths
  • Constant sanitization of tables with certified cleaning products
  • Items on tables (such as flowers, salt and pepper shakers, etc.) will be removed to reduce high-touch surface areas
  • Permanently increase the temperatures used in dishwashing machines
  • Implement and reinforce the PREVERISK and Distinctive H measures
  • Preserved food to be physically protected in containers at all times
  • Proper distancing between waiter and guest at all times
  • Continuous sanitization of floors, walls and all solid surfaces. Staff trained on the hygienic protocol, including the chemicals used and the frequency with which they must be used
  • Health, social distancing and safety rules to be observed will be posted in all “Back of House” areas for all kitchen staff and waiters
  • Training to reinforce proper hand-washing procedures (minimum 20 seconds, using bactericidal soap and hot water) and practices for sneezing or coughing (into elbow, followed by hand washing)
  • Increased standards regarding staff presentation as it relates to hygiene

Pool, Spa & Fitness Areas:

  • Loungers in pool areas will be set in groups of 2 or 4, which will then be separated by distances of 2 m (approx. 6 ft).
  • Sanitization of equipment in Fitness Centers as well as wet areas in Spa after each use
  • Daily deep sanitization of Fitness equipment
  • Maximum capacity set for Fitness Center and maximum capacity reduced for Spa
  • Use of acrylic masks for Spa receptionists
  • Use of masks by therapists and other Spa staff
  • Daily sanitization of cabins
  • Booth sanitization after use
  • Daily deep sanitization of wet areas, as well as sanitization after each use
  • Maintenance:
  • Increased frequency of the cleaning and sanitizing of air conditioning vents, fan and coils in rooms and public areas
  • Follow-up on all control and hygiene measures by PREVERISK (refrigerator temperatures, cameras, dishwasher temperatures, hot water temperature in rooms, chillers, swimming pools, etc.).
  • Chlorination of pools and backwashing of filters per NOM (Official Mexican Norms) and PREVERISK (certified companies) regulations.
  • Placement of sanitizing tablets in all air conditioning vents in rooms, lobby areas, spas, restaurants, delis, etc. (all closed areas that have air conditioning).
  • Suppliers, Providers & Third Parties:
  • All suppliers must use masks and gloves
  • All external providers (of merchandise or services, including photographers and artisans) must also use a mask and gloves and have antibacterial gel available for use. Merchandise providers must sanitize the boxes in which they offer their products.
  • Verification of certified providers and suppliers, and verification of the hygiene conditions in their plants and warehouses (including cleaning practices, refrigeration temperatures, warehouse temperature controls, etc.


  • Special procedure for receiving and delivering whites
  • Sheet and towel washing at high temperatures (min. 60° C/140° F)
  • All HYDROP and laundry staff to wear a mask and gloves
  • The hotel sheets and towels will be delivered in previously sanitized crates


  • Implementation of a permanent sanitization team to sanitize the general areas
  • Disinfection tunnel installed at all personnel entrances
  • Security team will take the temperature of all personnel
  • Security will verify the use of face masks, and in some cases gloves, by staff in certain areas
  • Security will verify that suppliers comply with all regulations when delivering their products. All supplier staff must wear gloves and a mask in order to access the resorts.

Human Resources:

  • Permanent campaign for handwashing, disinfection and social distancing
  • HR staff will identify all processes involving direct interaction with the client (e.g. greeting guests, car lobby, valet parking, front-desk, concierge, room service, etc.) and modify to comply with social distancing guidelines. Manuals will be updated accordingly.
  • Training of entire staff with regards to the pre-opening and post-opening prevention and hygiene plans. Implementation of updated processes and guidelines.
  • Sanitization arch or tunnel for collaborators at all staff entrances
  • Temperature taking twice per shift (once upon arrival; additional random check during the day).
  • All personnel will wear masks (and in certain areas, gloves)
  • General training of all sanitization and hygiene measures
  • Antibacterial gel placement in all staff bathrooms, dining rooms, transportation and general areas.
  • Health, social distancing and safety rules to be observed will be posted in all “Back of House” areas for personnel
  • All measures, procedures, and protocols to be audited by Human Resources and the Audit Committee.
  • Employee bus disinfection prior to each route.
  • Social distancing restrictions implemented in employee buses; new maximum capacity established
  • Placement of regulatory signage in all areas.
  • Preparation of a manual informing staff on how to proceed if a coworker or guest exhibits symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Sanitization protocol will be implemented for shared equipment such as radios, phones, computers, terminals, kitchen equipment, microwaves, etc. All equipment to be sanitized upon arrival and shift change.
  • Recommendations to staff to apply these same hygiene measures in their homes.

Guest Transportation:

  • Maximum 4 persons per van
  • Use of acrylic masks by car drivers/bellboys.
  • To maintain minimal contact, car drivers and bellboys will not automatically offer their hand when assisting guests to get out of the vans. They will suggest that guests use caution or ask if they are ok with receiving assistance.
  • Guest shuttles will be subject to social distancing guidelines, limiting one guest per seat line (excepting family members)
  • Internal transportation vans will transport a maximum of 6 guests.
  • Guest service carts will transport a maximum of 4 guests.
  • No guest will be allowed in the front seat next to the driver.
  • Maximum capacity of 4 persons for airport shuttles, excepting members of the same family

If a case is detected or suspected within the hotel, the guest will be sent to their room to receive care from the on-call doctor. The guest will be isolated in the room until they can be checked by the health authorities. The room will not be returned to inventory until it is thoroughly sanitized with certified products.