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How to Pack Light for your Cabo Hotel Vacation

In order to have a truly enjoyable vacation, you don't want to be worried about what's in your luggage. The best advice for traveling to a Cabo hotel is to pack light. Do yourself a favor and leave all the extra stuff behind! Pueblo Bonito's Cabo hotels are happy to provide you with room essentials, so don't sweat it.

Here is a quick list and some tips for the stuff you DO want to bring on your trip to Cabo:
  • Light clothes. The weather will undoubtedly be warm, so you don't need to bring any heavy clothes. If an item of clothing feels heavy in your hand once it's folded, don't bring it.
  • A beach tote or bag for when you go to the beach. This kind of bag is also useful in case you buy things at the beach.
  • A light jacket. It can get cool at night in the "winter," so bring a light jacket that you can throw on in case you get chilly.
  • Bring plenty of film! Or better yet, bring a digital camera.
  • A hat. The sun is very bright and can get very hot so if you plan to be outside a lot, a hat is good addition to sunscreen.
  • Good walking shoes. Some of the streets and sidewalks are rough and may hurt unsupported feet.
And here are some nifty packing tips to help you keep it light:
  • Start packing early. If you pack last minute, you will be more likely to add things you don't need.
  • Make a list, cross of anything that seems even remotely unnecessary.
  • Plan your clothes around your activities. Avoid bringing things "just in case."
  • If you really want to pack light, considering bringing less clothes and just doing laundry once you get there. For your convenience, Pueblo Bonito's Cabo hotels offer dry cleaning and laundry services, as well as irons and ironing boards.
  • Stuff shoes with smaller clothes and/or items.
  • Roll clothes to maximize space.
  • Bring small, travel size toiletries and take advantage of the toiletries provided by the hotel. Another good tip is to buy small plastic travel bottles for bringing shampoo/soap from a larger bottle.
  • Bring clothes that you can wear more than once - for example, a beach cover up.
  • Lastly, weigh your bags and make sure they are within your airline's limitations. You don't want to pay a fee for a bag that's too big or heavy.
Other If you're into water activities, consider bringing your own snorkel equipment. Snorkeling gear is light and doesn't take up too much space so it's not a pain to pack. While plenty of water equipment rentals are available near most Cabo hotels, it's always nice to have your own.

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