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Tips on Tipping: When to Tip on Your Cabo Vacation

Since Cabo, and Mexico in general, is such a heavy tourist and vacation hot spot, there are many who work in the hospitality industry. In many cases, tips make up a significant portion of their income and a tip really can make a difference. Although it is customary to tip frequently in Mexico, it is always optional. Here are a few guidelines (in US dollars) for tipping in various situations during your Cabo vacation. Restaurants: Just like in the U.S. it is expected to tip anywhere from 15% - 20% of the total bill. However, if you are a dining at a large or upscale Cabo hotel, make sure to check your bill to see if a tip has already been added. Transportation: It is not expected to tip cab drivers, but it is always appreciated. However, If you have hired a driver for throughout your trip, a tip of $2-$5 per day is appropriate. There are also persons who "patrol" car parks by keeping an eye on the cars, helping drivers to find a free space and helping drivers to reverse out when they leave. It's optional, but customary, to pay $1 or so as you depart. Hotels: It is a good idea to tip your concierge if they have been given you exceptional service - for example, if they have made special arrangements for dinner, or reserved hard to find tickets for special activities near your Cabo hotel. The amount you choose to tip is up to you. Just like in the US, tips for room service and maid service are always good form as well. A $1 - $5 tips is appropriate per night's stay, depending on the class of the hotel. At many Cabo hotels, a porter will help you with your luggage hailing a cab. A $1 - $2 tip is appropriate for these situations.

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